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content coupleHealing Starts At Home Care Services offer a variety of home care services best suited for your needs at home. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you won’t have the capacity and ability to enjoy your life. We ensure you that our services are carried out by professional, competent and compassionate caregivers and personnel. We ensure you that your care will be carried with the utmost attention and concern.

As every client need differs from one another, Healing Starts At Home Care Services guarantees that each care plan is handled uniquely yet extensively. Being able to provide personalized care is what makes us exceptional, and by providing individualized care, our clients are guaranteed the best professional care available.

Some of the services we offer are:

Companion Care

We provide companionship services to help alleviate the possibility of isolation and depression among our clients. It is important for senior citizens to have company most of the time to help them maintain and practice their social disposition. We can provide companionship for simple things such as just having someone to talk to or for something more complex such as grocery shopping.

Personal Care

During the later years of life, being able to manage personal hygiene and grooming can be difficult. We offer personal care services for needs such as bathing, toilet care, skin and nail care, etc. Just because old age limits mobility, that doesn’t mean that grooming and hygiene should neglected.

Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care

We offer comprehensive care options for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients. Being in familiar surroundings are actually beneficial for patients suffering from these diseases, which is why a home care setting is your best option. We focus on giving the patient complete care and support while they maintain their dignity and independence.

Postoperative Care

At Healing Starts At Home Services, we understand the need for careful, thorough, and appropriate continuous care. After a surgery, patients and family members need to be well-assisted in medication and wound-dressing reminders and even in looking after their personal needs to allow faster healing and full recovery. We have the care experts you need to receive the right kind and amount of postoperative care at home.

Chemotherapy Services

We are here to provide continuous care for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Our care experts can attend to the personal needs of patients at home so they can live most comfortably under the attention of our staff.

Transportation Services

We provide comfortable and safe transportation services for patients returning home from the hospital. For your service needs and schedule, you may call us or leave us a message here.

Home Safety Check

We provide home safety checks, free of charge. We believe that safety and security is a critical concern in home care. We make sure that your home is safe and practical to live in to ensure continuity of care.

Respite Care

Respite Care is one of the most effective ways to prevent caregiver burnout. It is a short-term or temporary service where one of our staff will take over the tasks of the designated full-time caregiver of the senior. This allows the caregiver to take a break, go on vacation, or get enough sleep and re-energize.

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